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SDG 4: Quality Education

This article is about the fourth sustainable development goal: Quality Education. It focuses on the strategies to be adopted for the successful implementation of the goal. The article also recommends how the goal is to be achieved from a micro, meso and macro-level perspective. It suggests that the idea of reaching the SDG 4 targets is a responsibility shared among individuals, education and training institutions, and regulating governments. Providing quality education can help in the overall growth and development of any economy and it is essential that countries across the globe take required measures to ensure that education is accessible to all sections of the society.

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Sustainability in Education: Enhancing quality and resilience

The write-up outlines the idea of sustainability in the education sector, its importance, major challenges, potential disclosures, and leading examples for a way forward. Sustainability in this area envelops aspects of participation and capacity building of all stakeholders, monitoring student-teacher learning, instructional delivery, curriculum design reforms, socio-economic and environmental best practices by individuals and the educational institutions in a good governance framework to ensure effective results in lifelong learning. A thorough analysis of strengths and weaknesses of existing models, addressing major bottlenecks and ensuring an evidence-based holistic mechanism to measure quality education can enable progress towards Agenda 2030.

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Sustainability in Education : People, Planet and Profit Perspective

Introduction Sustainability in the education sector is a multi-faceted concept, like in any other sustainability-driven sector. Primarily, the education sector broadly comprises government and private educational institutions (schools, coaching institutions, and colleges), ed-tech companies, and non-profit organizations. So, this article talks about the importance of sustainability in the education sector from three broad perspectives. These

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