About Us

Center for Research and Implementation of Sustainable Practices (CRISP) is a part of registered public Trust and a Non Government Organization that facilitates Sustainable Development for inclusive growth across globe.

The organization’s vision is to make the world a better place by adopting sustainable practices. CRISP is on the mission to increase awareness about sustainable practices and provide sustainable solutions to the current development issues cross-cutting economic, social and environmental dimensions.

CRISP is a dedicated platform for thriving research towards implementable sustainable solutions. The center is currently working in the areas of Waste Management, Circular Agriculture, Rural Development, Village Tourism, and Industrial Sustainability Practices. It also aims to create a socially conscious society through identification and activation of stakeholders. 

The current projects that CRISP has undertaken are S-preneur, UttamKheti, Voice for Sustainability and Jatayu Initiative.

CRISP Projects

A mentorship program to identify, equip and activate students for sustainable development in the society

A community driven platform of, by and for farmers for knowledge sharing in the Circular farming.

A discussion forum capturing individual perspectives in different areas of sustainability 

Jatayu Initiative

An initiative to help create awareness and management of solid waste.

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At CRISP, we co-create content and values with academia and industry that helps in research and providing implementable solutions in businesses and society for sustainable development.